Weekly Favorites!

Welcome to weekly favorites no. 5! This week I discovered the comfiest teddy coat from my favorite boutique (I feel like at this point you all know), a super cute coffee shop in NYC, an amazing app which will up your Instagram story game 10x, a skincare brand I have been using since September, and an informative newsletter devoted to influencer marketing I found on Linkedin :)

Disclaimer : I make sure to try all gifted products for at least 2 weeks before rendering an opinion! It is only fair :) Some of the products have affiliate links. I make a commission off of each sale, but it doesn’t color my opinion in any way! :)

1) Mesa Red Teddy Coat


I finally get why my friend loves to sleep so much. It is easy to snuggle up in a teddy coat especially when it is freezing outside, and when the sun miraculously decides to set before 5 pm. The great thing about boutiques is you can find some pretty unique pieces. As soon as I saw this on the rack, I knew I had to snag it for myself. The color is perfect for late fall and winter, and it is easy to throw over a cropped sweater or a thick long-sleeve. Mesa red adds a pop of color that a camel or gray coat just may not be able to, and I love my pops of color all seasons! Piper definitely still has different colors of this teddy coat in stock, so if you are a Philly resident, stop by 34th and Walnut in University City to get yours! <3

2) Pain D’Avignon Bakery

The best thing about NYC is all the little mom-and-pop shops you can find! I am always on the lookout for cute and cozy coffee shops, and my friend from middle school, Ciara, was more than excited to join me on this quest. She is currently in NYC for her internship and her special dance program; this girl is very talented :) Go check out her page! We both have a soft spot for lattes, and we came across this shop which has a very beautiful interior by the way. It was here I somehow discovered espressos were inside lattes (I am not detail-oriented what can I say), so I got my latte decaf. The iced vanilla latte here is SO GOOD. Trust mom and pop coffee shops to do it right :)

We also split a blueberry cheesecake I got at Magnolia Bakery in Penn Station. The coffee went well with it. Yum!


3) Mojo App

Ever wonder how people make their Instagram stories look cool? Ever ask them but never get a response? Well, I am about to reveal what it is whether they like it or not. The app I use to animate my stories is Mojo. It is a very intuitive app - all you have to do is choose a template you want to use and you can upload either photos or videos to your story slide. The user experience is off the charts. I have no actual experience with Photoshop or InDesign, but this app is seriously a one-click fits-all when it comes to designing IG stories. Using this app will do wonders when your story views, impressions, and engagement; data shows animated stories perform markedly better than still stories. Plus, there is an option to also animate text, and the entire format is cohesive. For one format, you can upload multiple photos so a story slide acts as a slideshow. Mock-ups below.


4) Innisfree Dewy Glow with Jeju Cherry Blossom [gifted]

My friend, Monica, is a pro when it comes to finding skincare products for Asian skin because let’s be real Caucasian-oriented brands do not really get the nuances of Asian skin. Over the summer, she told me about Innisfree and raved about how amazing it is. Innisfree is a K-beauty brand at a very affordable price point; we all know how expensive a skincare routine can get! 2 months ago, I was gifted the Dewy glow. The packaging is beautiful, but the product is even more amazing. I have such oily skin that it is hard for me to use lotion without making my skin even more oily which then leads to clogged pores, acne, all that amazing stuff. The dewy glow from Innisfree is a lightweight hydration jelly cream which adds a nice healthy glow to my complexion. Believe it or not, if you have oily skin, you should be using moisturizers! It will stop your skin from over-producing oil when it doesn’t need to.


5) Influencer marketing email newsletter

I don’t read much anymore. When I actually read, I find email newsletters to be super helpful in terms of communicating relevant and interesting information about certain topics. For the longest time, I had a hard time finding an email newsletter that was specifically about influencer marketing. Luckily, I came across an influencer marketing-focused newsletter, because I followed #influencermarketing on Linkedin. Hashtags on Linkedin are just as important as they are on Instagram and Twitter in my opinion. It is a great way to find gold nuggets of information since you just can’t trust Google News to give you anything that makes sense. This edition I learned about the implications of Instagram hiding likes for influencers (personally, I welcome it as brands will be forced to step up their measurement game), Nielsen developing a tool to gauge the impact of influencers’ content, among many others. I always look forward to a new edition every week! This newsletter was started by Philip Brown, an influencer marketing expert based in the UK who has been cited by major publications such as PRWeek and Brandwatch. Subscribe here.

And watch for no. 6 next Sunday!

xoxo Jen