Weekly Favorites!

It is officially the 4th edition of weekly favorites, and I am super excited to talk about all the beauty & fashion items I have been loving so far! Plus, I am going to throw in a brunch recommendation just because I am all for brunch buffets - especially a brunch place which gets you an omelet, strawberry shortcake cups, typical breakfast food all on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus. It is also hard to skip out on brunch when you are comped, just saying ;)

Disclaimer : I make sure to try all gifted products for at least 2 weeks before rendering an opinion! It is only fair :) Some of the products have affiliate links. I make a commission off of each sale, but it doesn’t color my opinion in any way! :)

1) Dr. Dennis Gross serum [gifted]

Next to styling which I discovered thanks to Carli, the store manager of Piper Boutique Philly, I am also very much passionate about trying and experimenting with different skincare brands. Growing up, I had TERRIBLE SKIN - oily skin does horrendous things seriously; I had severe acne and had to use a wide variety of topical creams that not only dried out my skin but also did absolutely nothing for my pores. So when Dr. Dennis Gross reached out to me over the summer while I was in New York City, I was more than happy to give this brand a try. Fast forward to November, and I saw a change in the size of my pores. The serum also does a good job of controlling oil overproduction. I find it works best when I apply it right after spritzing some rose toner (Fresh Beauty).

On the left is the primer I featured in last week’s   blog post  .

On the left is the primer I featured in last week’s blog post.

Here is a rundown of some skincare brands I use currently: Fresh Beauty, Dr. Dennis Gross, Sekkisei, Innisfree, etc. I personally have a strong preference for K-beauty brands, so when Octoly offered AmorePacific I just could not pass on this opportunity. AmorePacific is one of the priciest skincare brands on Sephora, but the product is worth your money. The way the cleanser works is you put some powder on your hand, and if you run it under some water, it turns into a nice & easy foam you can apply on your face. Even though the product has an “enzyme” in its name, the cleanser is surprisingly soft and does a lot to soothe my skin. The cleanser is derived out of green tea & papaya; this cleanser is the first product I use in my day & night skincare routine.

3) Lancome Eyeshadow Palette [gifted by Octoly]

Lancome is one of my favorite beauty brands, and I wanted to try out a subtle eyeshadow look which had a bit of a smokey eye to it. The eyeshadow palette I got from Octoly is the Monsieur Big Heart-Shaped Eyeshadow Palette. The colors work beautifully for fall & winter; I picked out two shades. I used the light pink under Big Crush as an eyeshadow base + to add a rosy tint to my crease. Then, I used the coppery light brownish shade under Big Date as a liner. I always go subtle & simple with my makeup looks, nothing too outrageous. I used two other Lancome products: the Matte Shaker shade 270 (Beige Vintage) for my lips & Blush Subtil shade 319 (Sheer Amourose) for my blush. Lancome’s matte lipsticks do not dry out my lips like lipsticks from other brands (looking at you MAC Cosmetics!). Plus, they are pigmented. Photos below :) Also, Lancome gives out generous PR packages - I got 5 blushes to try out but I always gravitate towards the more neutral colors, still with some pop of color.


4) Luxe velvet puffer coat from AMQN Boutique [gifted]

AMQN Boutique is an up and coming online boutique based in Philadelphia. You probably can guess by now how much I love boutiques :) I discovered them while scrolling on Instagram one day, and checked out their website! There are so many adorable fall and winter pieces, and I have a weakness for chic and luxe coats. I reached out to the owner, Colleen, for a gifted collaboration, and we hit it off right away! I picked out the mauve puffer coat, because of its unique color which makes it the perfect transition piece for winter. Like I do with all my coats (b/c I just really love testing putting my tolerance to the cold to the test), I left this one unzipped when I wore it to brunch at Bernie’s & the King of Prussia mall. I styled this jacket with a cropped white long-sleeve which I got from Piper Boutique last year, high waisted denim from Frame which I got at a sample sale, and some gray-neutral shade OTK boots from Vici Dolls. I will write a more in-depth post on the jacket later when I try styling it with different clothes. If you want this jacket and more, be sure to use JHU20 when you checkout on their site!


5) Brunch at Bernie’s

I have been to Bernie’s before for brunch and dinner, and let me tell you the food is so savory. Brunch is a buffet where you can choose between so many dishes. I loaded my plate with sausage, egg salad, an omelet, those cute strawberry shortcake cups, fruit, pasta salad, and many more. I also had a glass of OJ, not a mimosa sadly because my alcohol tolerance is just pitiful right now. You would think being legal drinking age would help. I brought Monica with me and we had such a good time eating, enjoying the ambiance because who doesn’t love a little music with their food, and chatting about well everything. I recommend going here for dinner too because their seared scallops are literal goals. I am still trying to figure out the recipe as we speak, and I am not getting any closer so I know I will definitely be back at Bernie’s for those scallops! Brunch was all comped thanks to Sean, the store manager, and Melissa, the social media manager of Bernie’s :)


And watch for no. 5 next Sunday!

xoxo Jen