Weekly Favorites

Hey there, this is Jen! Welcome to the second edition of weekly favorites! I will keep this brief :)

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1) Restaurant Week, obviously!

I got to try two restaurants this week, Del Frisco’s & The Capital Grille, and Del Frisco’s is my favorite! Restaurant Week is a great time to try out awesome restaurants on the cheap! Generally, you would pay $50+ for each meal, but during Restaurant Week you just have to pay $35 for a 3 course meal which is a steal for a place like Philly! I started out with the caesar salad for my appetizer, followed by a nice, juicy salmon and finished it off with a mousse strawberry cheesecake (still having pleasant memories <3)! Sadly, Restaurant Week has ended BUT it will be back next fall!

2) the latest episode of Dynasty

Dynasty Season 2 is shaping up to be a really fun season, not nearly as crazy as Riverdale Season 3 though! I am always rooting for Fallon Carrington, and the latest episode is basically girls trip gone wild. If you want to know more, just watch the episode on cwtv.com! It is a no spoiler zone here.

3) the cashmere scarf I got from Amazon

Monday was FREEZING, 16 freaking degrees my god. Thankfully, my cashmere scarf that I got from Amazon kept me warm! It is also super easy to style with any dark basic and denim! I know it definitely kept my neck warm, and when temps are that low a giant coat is STILL NOT ENOUGH. It has a simple plaid pattern and if people aren’t really paying attention, you can pass it off as Burberry…kinda

4) the Fyre Festival Netflix documentary

HOLY HELL. This is a crazy one! I seriously hope nothing of this scale ever happens again, because this is the perfect example of what happens when social media such as Instagram go terribly wrong. Also, this whole thing is a head-scratcher; did no one bother to write a budget for anything? B/c it is so CLEAR that all their money went towards a massive marketing campaign…which leaves well nothing, also add to that a toxic mix of groupthink and a bunch of sketchy activity (I will leave that to your imagination) , and it should not be a question as to why Fyre failed so spectacularly.

5) Black pullover

This is my go-to basic this winter season. (tbh I think I am just trying to dress more like Veronica Lodge now lol; just missing pearls, a dark lip and some seriously on point brows) I love keeping my outfits to class simple; this is partly due to the fact I can’t seem to remember where anything is. I don’t think it is in stock anymore, but I linked Piper Boutique’s Instagram page where they constantly put the newest things on insta! Got it a couple of months ago from Piper Boutique and I love throwing my boucle jacket (which is also from Piper, what can I say) over it! Keeps me super warm and toasty when I throw in a scarf!


I love watching Youtube videos over reading; they are super simple to grasp although they can get a bit long-winded at times! Well, I coincidentally came across Vanessa’s Youtube channel and lo and behold a video that gives FREE and CONSTRUCTIVE tips on growing your Instagram presence in 2019! I will leave it to you to watch it, but it is the best and most concise video that I have ever watched. So many people ramble about this and that (tbh they should just name their videos: “Here is X. Watch all the random crap I am doing before I…wait for it, tell you want you want to know in LESS THAN A MINUTE!”), but Vanessa gets to the point FAST. Link here + sign up underneath a video to get a free recap of what she says!

That’s all for this week! <3

xoxo, Jen