Jen A Hu | Charm in the Mundane

Hey everyone! I am Jennifer Hu, a Floridian in Philly. A long long time ago, I lived in Tennessee, but I can now confidently call both Florida and Pennsylvania home. I am a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business (or just UPenn) concentrating in marketing and finance.

So what is Charm in the Mundane? Think of it as a form of personal expression; I am so happy to be back writing after a long hiatus. Charm in the Mundane is all about styling, finding the best beauty + skincare products for Asian skin (let’s be real it is hard.) , finding cute boutiques & shops wherever I go (which leads to a pile of clothes that I still haven’t wore lol), and chattering about business + marketing tips to spice up your social media presence! Let me know if you have any questions! I will be happy to answer anything (anything within reason obviously)! ;)

Charm in the Mundane is for all you college girls, Gen Z’ers, millennials! I LOVE bringing a feminine touch to the ordinary! Happy reading!!

xoxo, Jen